About Us

Lamano Estudio is an independent, creative and innovative studio of animation and graphic, adopting different techniques and languages to give to each work a particular stamp and style.

We make our passion hand in hand with the passion of our clients

El trabajo de Lamano Estudio suele mezclar distintas técnicas. Donde la dirección de arte, creación de personajes, la ilustración, el 3D, la fotografía, el retoque, la animación y diferentes tipos de técnicas mixtas dan vida a nuestras obras. Otorgándoles a cada una de ellas el sello que nos caracteriza.

Our History

Lamano Estudio was founded on 2008 in Santiago of Chile, Motivated by the need to create artworks that reflect our style, which reflects part of our expression. Today, this need of creation, continues to be what motivates and inspires us day by day our graphic and animated artworks

In 2008, Lamano Estudio was formed, in order to produce pieces for the different customers, being the creation (of characters, scenes and atmospheres generated through CGI photography, animation, postproduction and various techniques) the perfect motivation that has transcended from the beginning to the present day.